Organized by engineering organizations, this international event will be the place to discuss the current state and best practices and foresee the future of continuing professional development (CPD) and of Continuing Engineering Education (CEE). Major stakeholders are invited and interaction is sought to write the history of the future of CPD and of CEE. The format of the conference will provide plenty of occasions to hear everyone´s opinion and to exchange ideas and plans. Take part in shaping the future of CPD and of CEE on a global stage with one of the world’s only international organizations devoted to CPD and CEE global stage. Take advantage and visit Porto a city that has been chosen as #1 best destination in Europe in 2014.

Previous Conference IACEE 2014, U. Stanford, USA

In the IACEE2014 conference at the University of Stanford the main roles of participants were: CEO/Founder - 3; President/Chancellor/Vice President/Provost (university ) - 5; President/Vice President (company ) - 5; Dean/Associate Dean - 15; Director/Asst. Director (university and company) - 55; Head of Unit (university or company) - 8; Department Chair - 2; Unit Manager - 18; Teacher/Researcher - 30; Other (Engineer, ...) - 27; Doctoral Student - 3.

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